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S.T.B Dee Jay - WE OK

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STB Dee Jay was born and raised in the southside of Waco, Texas specifically in the South Terrace Housing project from which he takes the name South Terrace Baby. The 24-year-old all-around rap artist attended University High School, the same school as NFL Hall of Famer Landian Tomlinson. Dee Jay always had a desire to make something of himself and accomplish as much as possible, and not fall victim to the street life like so many of his peers. With that in mind, Dee Jay decided to pursue a career in music and started a group with his best friend Dairse Holder, who would also become the financial backing to Dee Jay’s aspiring rap career. Life in Waco was far from easy with robberies, drug offenses, and homicides rising year after year. Then in 2019 his friend, partner, and confidant Dairse was shot and killed, with Dee Jay being with him in his final moments as he flags down a passing car and took him to the hospital where we would later pass. Dee Jay pays homage to Dairse through his music mentioning Lil Holder in his lyrics. After the harrowing loss of his best friend and financial backing, Dee Jay isolated himself from everyone around him and made music his sole focus.
Dee Jay’s music became an open diary and a way to express himself when he previously could not. Discussing the trial and tribulations he has faced and overcome in his life and the struggles of the street life that many can relate to. Dee Jay is a master with flows and melodies switching the tempo effortlessly while his lyrics paint a vivid tableau of his life. Dee Jay is far from a one-dimensional rapper not only talks about his pain, but he also has the talent to create music with more mainstream appeal with upbeat tracks with more accessible subject matter. Through a neighborhood friend and mentor, he was introduced to the owners of the record label L.I.F.E Entertainment and has had the privilege of having his music produced by Mr. Lee who has produced for numerous Hip-Hop legends such as UGK, Jay-Z, and Tupac.


S.T.B Dee Jay - WE OK

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