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Added by iamdelharrison on 7th August 2020
Boom Boom

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Most people think is Boom Boom is a sexually explicit song, when it’s actually the beat that Del wants to ride. Del Harrison is a soulful singing, songwriting gal. New Orleans-born, DC-raised, Brooklyn-stomping and Caribbeanish-flavored, Del now makes her home in Los Angeles. Her eclectic style and fun vibe shows up in her music. Thus, the “Boom Boom“! Boom Boom is a fun high-energy dance track that combines the dance, house and Afrobeats genres. Del calls her music AfroHouse. It’s feel good energy and makes you want to hit the dance floor immediately. Play it one time and you'll move your body; two times and you'll sing it; three times and you'll share it. Like the radio. You'll catch the vibe.


Boom Boom - 02:46

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