Genre : Guaranteed Fire
Added by Dbe Jayri on 1st May 2020
Glorious, Beautiful and Black

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My second album and first full-length album, full of songs and music of love, empowerment,
laughter, tears, spirituality, knowledge, intellect and change.
When I was spiritually awakened to begin the creation of this album, I knew this was a journey
that would make grow spiritually, personally and musically. I began working on this album by
the end of 2017 and it took me over 2 years to complete (by 2019/2020). Aside from the
financial struggles that impeded an earlier completion, I am grateful that I was able to learn
more about myself, grew in knowledge, elevated myself in spiritual awareness, love myself
more as a Black man, love my Black Sistas and Brothas more, drew closer to God, grew
musically and connected with phenomenal people who have helped me in the making of this
album. My travels to New York (Harlem), Bahia, Brazil and Khemet (Egypt, Africa) have helped
to empower my musical vision of Black unity and strength, and overall, helped to shape the
lyrics and sounds of this album.
I must give special thanks to the Almighty for giving me inspiration, life and knowledge to
create this album. Special thanks to my mother, Sandy Miller for her unconditional support.
Thanks to K.R. Moore for being the phenomenal studio engineer on this album. Thanks to Nadia
High and family for their inspiration and musical support. Thanks to Ainsley McNaught (a pianist
and a background vocalist), Bryant Didier (a lead guitarist). Thanks to Shanty Sweets, LeiLa Dey
and Chevon Gilzene (background vocalists). Thanks to Raven Smith (make-up artist), UNSGND
(photographs) and Sandbox Studios where I recorded the whole album.


V.I.C.T.O.R.Y - 03:09


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