Slate Stone - Black Chamber

Slate Stone - Black Chamber
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Slate Dv8tor Stone
— Immersed in the culture of Hip Hop since early childhood, Slate Stone, began expressing his love for music. Through his experience with producing, writing and performing, Slate has evolved himself into a very talented and well-balanced artist. Known for his creative wordplay and razor-sharp lyricism, Slate Stone has proven himself proficient in the world of Hip-Hop. Slate’s dedication to his craft has been his most valuable asset. A Texas native, Slate is known as one of the best rap/hip-hop acts in the West Texas region. His skills from start to finish, are recognized through his high level of intensity and lyrical genius. “I wanna show the music industry what it really takes to get recognized and respected”, Slate said. “You can’t just put a web page up or record a few records and expect that to make your career. You gotta measure yourself to yourself, not to what others have done… Always strive to be better you! Be Honest. Be Creative. You have to create a compelling impact — it’s all about the hustle and dedication to music.”

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Slate Stone

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