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Learning to scratch takes the right combination of knowledge and deliberate practice. Whilst there is no shortcut to this process, what makes all the difference is having the scratch techniques and ways to practice them properly explained and broken down for you step by step..


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Dj Ibarra

From the cradle, DJ Ibarra (born John Ibarra, pronounced EEE-BAR-uh) was rockin' to electro beats, hip hop and DJ sets from the likes of DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Premier ... alright, that's a bit of an exaggeration

“DJ Ibarra has become a super sonic-force guaranteed to get the party started -- and never stopping.”

In 2004, Ibarra began his transition to professional DJ Ibarra, practicing his skills on his close friend's pair of Technics 1200s and a Vestax mixer. He spent the next several years honing his craft and developing his instincts (e.g. learning music theory, counting beats, beat matching, beat juggling and scratching) -- with a full throttle DJ launch (complete with his own brand-spanking-new equipment) in 2013. Today, DJ Ibarra produces, edits, creates and records on a weekly basis.

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